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How to subtract decimals with whole numbers

There are also many YouTube videos that can show you How to subtract decimals with whole numbers.

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Subtract decimals and whole numbers (hundredths) (practice)

Step 1: Convert the whole number into a decimal by inserting zeroes. {eq}\rm \begin {align*} W & = 12\\ &=12.00 \end {align*} {/eq} Step 2: Align the smaller number below the larger number.

Subtracting decimals from whole numbers

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Subtracting Decimals

Use base-10 blocks to model a starting number. Then subtract blocks from this number by dragging them into a subtraction bin. Blocks of equal value can be exchanged from one

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How to Subtract Decimals from Whole Numbers

Math 5th grade Subtract decimals Subtracting decimals (hundredths) Subtracting decimals: 9.57-8.09. Subtracting decimals: 10.1-3.93. Subtraction strategies with hundredths. More

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How to Subtract Decimals with Whole Numbers

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