How to take partial derivative

With respect to three-dimensional graphs, you can picture the partial derivative by slicing the graph of with a plane representing a constant -value and measuring the slope of the resulting curve along the cut. What is a partial derivative? We'll assume you are familiar with the ordinary

Partial Derivatives

The first time you do this, it might be easiest to set y = b, where b is a constant, to remind you that you should treat y as though it were number rather than a variable. Then, the partial derivative
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Partial Derivative (Fully Explained w/ Step-by-Step Examples!)

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Partial derivative examples

For the partial derivative with respect to h we hold r constant: f’ h = π r 2 (1)= π r 2 (π and r 2 are constants, and the derivative of h with respect to h is 1) It says as only the height changes (by

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