Line of best fit equation calculator

The following formula is used to calculate the line of best fit: Y = C +B¹ (x¹) + B² (x²) Here, Y is the dependent variable of the equation. C is constant. B¹ and B² are first and second regression

Line of Best Fit Calculator

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Linear Regression, Line of Best Fit Calculator

Use the slope and y -intercept to form the equation of the line of best fit. The slope of the line is − 1.1 and the y -intercept is 14.0 . Therefore, the equation is y = − 1.1 x + 14.0 . Draw the line on

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Linear regression calculator

Linear regression calculators determine the line-of-best-fit by minimizing the sum of squared error terms (the squared difference between the data points and the line). The calculator above
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Linear regression calculator

The line of best fit is described by the equation ŷ = bX + a, where b is the slope of the line and a is the intercept (i.e., the value of Y when X = 0). This calculator will determine the values of b and

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