How to do an exponent in word

The steps are outlined below: Open up your Word document. Place the cursor at where you want to type the exponent. Type both the base number and the

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how do I type an exponent into a word document?

How to Add an Exponent in Microsoft Word (Guide with Pictures) Step 1: Open your document in Microsoft Word.. Open the document where


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How do you make an exponent in Microsoft Word?

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4 Ways to Add Exponents to Microsoft Word

If you're using the equation editor / equation tool in Word, exponents are on the equation palette. If you're creating the equation yourself, you can use superscript - select the

How to Add Exponents in Microsoft Word

To type an exponent, place the cursor where you want the exponent and then click X2 in the Home tab. Video of the Day Step 2 Type the exponent. Step 3 Click X2 again to return to the regular size font. How to Change a Character Image

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How to Write Fractional Exponents in Word

Method 2: Insert or Type Negative Exponents in Word Using the Equation Tool Step 1:. Launch your Word document where you want to type the negative exponent. Step 2:. Position the

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How to type exponents in MS Word

In this video see How To Put An Exponent In Word document using the keyboard on your computer easily. In Microsoft word their are several ways to type supers

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