How to factor a number

Updated video (2021) - video teaches students a cool trick for factoring. When listing all the factors a number, students wi

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Teaching Product of Prime Factors

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Follow 8 Easy Steps to Factor a Number

Determine a common factor. A common factor is 2. Divide each term by the common factor and write the results of the division in parentheses, with the factor out in front.

How to Factor : 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Strategy for Factoring Large Numbers 1. Write your number above a 2-column table. While it's usually fairly easy to factor small integers, larger numbers can 2. Divide your number by the smallest possible prime factor. Divide your number by the smallest prime factor (besides 1) 3. Continue to See more

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Factors of a number

To factor using common factors, determine what common factors the terms of the expression share, divide them out of the expression, and write them as a product of factors. Ideally the

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