How to make fractions on ti 84

The solver will provide step-by-step instructions on How to make fractions on ti 84.

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Entering and Computing Fractions on the TI-84 Plus C Silver

How to Put a Fraction in a TI 84 Plus. TI 84 models in truth contain full capabilities as complex fraction calculators, with many fraction tools built into its functions. It’s all a matter of knowing how to set up the calculator to provide

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TI-84 showing fractions instead of decimals on the TABLE

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Displaying Results in Fraction Format Using the TI-84 Plus C

All answers will now displayed in fraction format. Please Note: To disable this mode, choose AUTO or DEC instead. While in this mode, follow the steps below to convert answers to
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How to Put in Fractions on a TI-84 Plus Calculator

This tutorial describes how fractions can be represented in the TI84 Plus calculator.

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Expressing answers as fractions

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