Solving Equations Containing Absolute Value

Learn about the methods of solving basic absolute value equations and why it is necessary to split an absolute value equation into two possible equations to solve for the

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Solving Equations Containing Absolute Values

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6.3 – Equations and Inequalities with Absolute Value

An equation involving absolute value will have two possible solutions. To set up the positive equation, simply remove the absolute value bars, and solve the equation as

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Solving Absolute Value Equations

From this we can get the following values of absolute value. |2| = 2 |−3| = 3 ∣∣ ∣ 9 2∣∣ ∣ = 9 2 | 2 | = 2 | − 3 | = 3 | 9 2 | = 9 2. All that we need to do is identify the point on the number

Absolute Value Equation Calculator

Solve |2x – 5| = 9. Step-1 Make 2 equations from given equation. 2x – 5 = 9. 2x – 5 = -9. Step

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