SAT Math: Algebra Example 12

(4x + 4) (ax – 1) – x^2 + 4 In the expression above, a is a constant. If the expression is equivalent to bx, where b is a constant, what is the value of b? A) -5 B) -3 C) 0 D)
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A linear equation written in the form: mx + n = px + r, where n and r are constants, has an infinite number of solutions if m = p and n = r Hence, for the given equation, 21x + 14 = 7 (3x + a), 21x +

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2ax − 15 = 3(x + 5) + 5(x − 1) In the equation above, a is a

In the Equation Above a is a Constant. Study / By Iris J. Brown. In the Equation Above a is a Constant. We have discussed the physical properties of Fluids in the previous article. Fluids are