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Functions Inverse Calculator

Now to find the inverse function instantly, you use Testbook’s Inverse of a Function Calculator. This is a high-performance calculator that finds inverses of Algebraic
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As a student with anxiety, it's very difficult to put my hand up and ask if I don't understand something. Although I can only afford the free version, I still find it worth to use. This app help me alot its amazing how much math this knows.

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I'm a high school student and this app has saved my grade on multiple occasions and where it also shows the steps it makes understanding things so easy, it is so detailed, it tells you what book you are on and all the problems, if I could rate this more I would do 1000000000000/10.

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There are very few ads and they only pop up after inputting several problems. Another good thing about this app is that it's free. I think it's an amazing work you guys have done. It's honestly helped alot with whatever equation I might have difficulty with, but it would be great if it had a word problem feature.

Randy Hallman