Isosceles triangle problems

Directions: Grab a paper and pencil to make your computations. 1. ΔABC is isosceles where AC = CB. Find AC. 2. ΔBUG is isosceles. Find m∠U. 3. The vertex angle of an isosceles triangle measures 20 degrees more than twice the

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Applying the isosceles triangle theorem

Symmetry in an isosceles triangle. The altitude of an isosceles triangle is also a line of symmetry. Leg AB reflects across altitude AD to leg AC. Similarly, leg AC reflects to leg AB. Base BC reflects onto itself when reflecting across the
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Isosceles Triangles Practice

area = (1/2) × a × b × sin (base_angle) = (1/2) × a² × sin (vertex_angle) Also, you can check our triangle area calculator to find other equations, which work for every type of triangle, not only for the isosceles one.

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