Law of sines problem

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Trig The Law of Sines

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Law of Sines or Sine Rule

The following are examples of how to solve a problem using the law of sines. Example 1 [ edit] Example 1 Given: side a = 20, side c = 24, and angle γ = 40°. Angle α is desired. Using the law of

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Law of Sines Example Problem

How to solve a word problem that uses the law of Sines? One method to solve a missing length or angle of a triangle is to use the law of sine. The law of sine, unlike the law of

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Law of Sines

Law of Sines Examples Explained Watch on Practice Problems Problem 1 Use the formula for law of sines to determine the measure of ∠ b to the nearest tenth. Show Answer Problem 2 Can we use the law of sines to solve for the labelled

Law of Sines

Problem 4 Decide which formula (Law of Sines/Cosines) you would use to calculate the value of x below? After you decide that, try to set up the equation (Do not solve -- just substitute into the

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