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Other than that it really doesn't have anything wrong with it. It has detailed explanations and clear and understandable formulas, it allow you to scan your equation problems or you type them easily.


Marion Roger

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Over all a very great app, i am a middle schooler that strougles with math. Helped for high school maths, i like how you can use the camera. I dont know what would I have done without this, this app can replace a scientific calculator pretty much and its the only app that can do so it can be a bit frustrating from time to time and the scanning feature does not work for long complex equasions but the graphs are really good(even if it lacks the ability to add multiple equations) and the app has everything you could possibly need.

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Limit Calculator

Calculus Limit Calculator Step 1: Enter the limit you want to find into the editor or submit the example problem. The Limit Calculator supports find a limit as x approaches any number

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Online Limit Calculator

To calculate the field of view \text {fov}_i fovi of a camera in each of the three possible directions, use the following formula: \footnotesize \text {fov}_i = 2\tan {\left (\frac

Limit Calculator

In the calculator, set your camera model, megapixels and the aperture to find out whether the camera is diffraction limited. This happens when the Airy Disk is larger than the Maximum Circle of Confusion or 2.5 times the Pixel size. The