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Logarithmic function equation

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Introduction to Logarithmic Functions

The logarithmic function is defined as For x > 0 , a > 0, and a ≠ 1, y= log a x if and only if x = a y Then the function is given by f (x) = loga x The base of the logarithm is a. This

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Logarithmic Functions

Since we want to transform the left side into a single logarithmic equation, we should use

Logarithmic Functions

The Logarithm is an exponent or power to which a base must be raised to obtain a given number. Mathematically, Logarithms are expressed as, m is the Logarithm of n to the base b if bm = n
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Logarithmic Functions

Here are some examples of logarithmic functions: f (x) = ln (x - 2) g (x) = log 2 (x + 5) - 2 h (x) = 2 log x, etc.

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