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It doesn't always give us the exact answer, but always gives us clues that help us learn and figure it out, no matter what, saved me multiple times. The app is very nice but it struggles to solve some problems. Great app! Very helpful with getting my homework done quickly and helps me study but cannot graph inequalities.

William Delariva

It's very helpful especially now during the pandemic, its actually a good calculator, not sure if the paid version is worth it, it is just nice for double checking that you did your math right, i hear others say, NAY. I'd rate the app 10 outta 5 stars. An amazing app I use it to cheat on my homework.

Michael Fierro

This is helpful and easy. This app is very awesome; with This app one can solve and calculate any mathematics problem, good app, some questions don't have an answer on the app though, the steps always make sense no matter the type if problem it is that I take a picture of.

Donald Just

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Quadratic Equations. Solving quadratic equations by completing the square. Solving quadratic equations using the formula. Equations which are reducible to quadratic. Parabola finding

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Clarify math equation

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Math 4 Tigers Class Expectations Some important procedures that you want to be aware of involve the grading of homework, quizzes, tests, and in-class participation. Homework is