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Orthogonal trajectories differential equations

I have the equation for which I need to find the orthogonal trajectory: (a) y = e c x Taking the partial derivative with respect to x, I get (b) d y d x = c e c x From (a), we can solve

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How to find the orthogonal trajectories

Slope of the orthogonal trajectories: ???\frac{dy}{dx}=-\frac{x}{y}??? If we treat the slope of the orthogonal trajectories as a separable differential equation, we can separate

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Lecture 19 : Separable Equations

In order to find the orthogonal family, we use the following practical steps Step 1. Find the associated differential equation. Step 2. Rewrite this differential equation in the explicit form

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Orthogonal trajectories, MATH 3410

What is Orthogonal Trajectories. 2. How to Find Orthogonal Trajectories in Differential Equation. 3. Short Trick To Find Orthogonal Trajectories in Differential Equation. 5.