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“A specific entry or number that is totally different from all other entries in the data set is known as an outlier” Statistical Outlier Test: The outliers usually occur by chance and can cause

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Outlier Calculator

Outlier Calculator. An outlier is defined as any observation in a dataset that is 1.5 IQRs greater than the third quartile or 1.5 IQRs less than the first quartile, where IQR stands for

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Outlier Calculator

This outlier calculator examines a set of numbers and identifies data points which fall meaningfully outside the typical range of the distribution. Enter each data point as a separate

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Dixon's extreme value test is used by VSP to test whether an extreme observation is a statistical outlier. This test can be used to detect an outlier that is either much smaller or much larger

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Outlier calculator

Dixon's test for a single outlier: Any outlier (two sided test) High outlier only (one sided test) Low outlier only (one sided test) Grubbs' test for a single outlier: Rosner's Extreme Studentized
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