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Percent (%) = the number of parts per 100, also known as the rate . Let's look at three different examples of how you could use the percent formula. The Percent From the

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Solving Percent Problems

The percent equation has three parts: percent (P), amount (A), and base (B). P % of B is A is the basic form of the percent equation. This can be written algebraically as. The following three

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Percentage Calculator

Students determing the change from the original to the new amount using a formula: ((new - original)/original) × 100 or another method. It should be straight-forward to determine if there is

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What is the Percent Equation?

percent is compared to 100 and the part is compared to the base. Ex.: 21 is 70% of 30 70% means the ratio 100 70 21 is compared to 30 in the ratio 30 21 Whenever one ratio is equal to another