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radicand noun. The number or expression whose square root or other root is being considered; e.g. The 3 in.

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Radicand Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary)

Definition of Radicand. A radicand is the value that is under the root symbol (the radical symbol). The radicand in x 3 + 6 3 is x 3 + 6. The radicand in 12 17 is 12.

Radicand Concept in Math

The radicand, in a mathematical expression, is the number found under a radical symbol. In math, a radical symbol is used to indicate that the goal of the problem is to find the
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Definition of Exponents & Radicals

radicand. / ( ˈrædɪˌkænd, ˌrædɪˈkænd) /. noun. a number or quantity from which a root is to be extracted, usually preceded by a radical sign3 is the radicand of √3.

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define radicand

Illustrated definition of Radicand: The value inside the radical symbol. The value you want to take the root of. In radicx, x is the

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Radicand: Definition & Concept

A radicand, in math, is an expression or any number or variable written inside a root symbol. It is the quantity of which we are finding the root. It is the quantity of which we are finding the root.
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