Rational number word problems

Problem 1 : Subbu spends 1/ 3 of his monthly earnings on rent, 2/5 on food and 1/10 on monthly usuals. What fractional part of his earnings is left with him for other expenses? Solution :

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Rational number word problem. Most liquids when cooled will simply shrink. Water on the other hand, actually expands when it is frozen. Its volume will increase by about 9 percent, Suppose
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Worksheet on Word Problems on Rational Numbers

Problem 1 : The sum of two rational numbers is 17/4 . If one of the numbers is 5/2 , find the other number. Solution : The sum of two rational numbers = 17/4 One of the numbers = 5/2. Let x

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Rational number word problems (practice)

10. Product of Two Rational Numbers is 42/5 and if one of them is 36/7. Find the other rational number? Solution: Product of Two Rational Numbers = 42/5. 36/7*x= 42/5. x =


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Solve word problems with rational numbers

Rational Numbers Word Problems Solvinq Word Problems with Rational Numbers When you are working with a word problem with rational numbers you will be required to translate the

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