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$\begingroup$ which oddly enough is true for the majority of analytic elementary functions -- This is true for an analytic function iff it has real coefficients in its Taylor series (as can easily

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Wolfram Mathematica: Why not looking for a maximum in real

Solve[a b I/(a + b I) == 4 - 2 I, {a, b},Reals]. Is there a simple way of getting Mathematica to solve this, without knowing lots of special Mathematica commands? In searching out the answer on

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Mathematics is a field of study that deals with numbers, shapes, and patterns.

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How to check if an expression is a real-valued number

Simplify [expr ∈ Reals, assum] can be used to try to determine whether an expression corresponds to a real number under the given assumptions. ( x 1 | x 2 | ) ∈ Reals and { x 1 , x 2 } ∈ Reals test whether all x i are real numbers.

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Maybe it's a silly question for experienced users, but I'm rather new and I'm having troubles. I need to know if there is a way to force Mathematica to work in the Reals domain. For example, if I do. Plot[x^(1/3),{x,-10,10}] I obtain a plot only
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How to make Real number symbol (ℝ) in Mathematica

OP asked in Mathematica, it got migrated here. David Richerby said it should be migrated to Computational Science, you say it should be migrated to SO. Meanwhile, I actually answered

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