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Quadratic Models and Problem Solving

So the question is: Sara makes bowls she sells at fairs. She sells 100 bowls at $45 each. She knows that for each $5 increase in price she will sell 8 fewer bowls. What price

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Maximizing Revenue Word Problems Involving Quadratic

MAXIMIZING REVENUE WORD PROBLEMS INVOLVING QUADRATIC EQUATIONS. Problem 1 : A company has determined that if the price of an item is $40, then 150 will be demanded by
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9.5: Revenue problems

A sorority plans a bus trip to the Great Mall of America during Thanksgiving break. The bus they charter seats $44$ and charge a flat rate of $350$ dollars plus $35$ dollars per person.

Revenue Word Problem

A local club is arranging a charter flight to Hawaii. The cost of the trip is $425 each for 75 passengers, with a refund of $5 per passenger for each passenger in excess of 75. a.

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