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Scale factor geometry definition

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Scale Factor

A scale factor is defined as the ratio between the scale of a given original object and a new object, which is its representation but of a different size (bigger or smaller). For example, if we have a rectangle of sides 2 cm and 4 cm, we can

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Scale Factor in Math

Scale factor is a number by which the size of any geometrical figure or shape can be changed with respect to its original size. It is the ratio of the sizes of the original figure with the dilated figure. The scale factor can be denoted by r or k.

What is Scale? Meaning, Formula, Examples

Note that the scale factor cannot be less than or equal to zero (this would completing eliminate the figure). If K=1/2, the image shrinks to half of its original size. When shrinking a figure, the scale factor is greater than zero, but

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Definition and examples of scale factor

So a rectangle if we were to scale it up by a factor of three, we get rectangle P. So its bottom would have length three instead of nine. So it'd be like this. So that would be three, and its height instead of being five, it would be five

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Scale Factor

Scale Factor is used to scale shapes in different dimensions. In geometry, we learn about different geometrical shapes which both in two-dimension and
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