Second degree polynomial equation

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2nd Degree Equation Calculator

To factor second degree polynomials, set up the expression in the standard format for the quadratic equation, which is ax² + bx + c = 0. Multiply the a term by the c term, then find 2 numbers that multiply to equal the product of a and c, while also adding up to be the b term. See more
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Polynomials Second Degree

It is called a second degree equation because the highest power of in this equation is 2 (i.e. ). Factoring to a multiplication of two first degree equations A method to solve a second degree equation is to write it in the

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Quadratics: Polynomials of the second degree

In Maths, the quadratic equation is called a second-degree equation. A quadratic equation is defined as the polynomial equation of the second degree with the standard form ax2 + bx+ c

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