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FullSimplify [ (1/ 2 (3 l* (3 l/2*Sqrt [3])))/ ( (3 (1/2 (l* (l/2*Sqrt [3])))) + (1/ 2 (3 l* (3 l/2*Sqrt [3])))), TransformationFunctions -> {Sow, Automatic}] // Reap. Which just gives the answer of 3/4ths

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First Steps In Mathematica by Werner Burkhardt

Try entering the problem into WolframAlpha. For example you can see where both sides of the equation are equal: T he pro version typically shows the steps you'd use to derive the results

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Can Mathematica not provide step by step solutions

There, you can choose Wolfram | Alpha query, a little wolfram logo will appear, next to it you can write the integral, then you evaluate the cell, the answer will appear (same
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