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1. Try this. Clear [\ [Gamma],\ [Beta],mc,KE,s,v,c] \ [Gamma] = 1/Sqrt [1 - \ [Beta]^2]; TotalE [\ [Gamma]*\ [Beta]] = \ [Gamma]*mc^2; KE = TotalE [\ [Gamma]*\ [Beta]] - mc^2;

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g [2 x+1] Out [2]= (Cos [2 x+1]-1)/ (2 x+1)^2. The symbol x_, pronounced ``x-blank,'' denotes a ``pattern'' named x. For example, If one were to enter. f [x] =3*x+1, then f [3] and f

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Solve finds what are known as generic solutions to equations. These are solutions that do not depend on the variables not specified in the second argument. For example: No matter what y

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