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Find f such that f'(x)

It can also be done conversely assuming the value of f (x) and then calculating g (x). Lets assume g (x) and then find f (x) using h (x). A s s u m i n g g ( x) = x + 2 Then f (x) will

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Math 263 Assignment 8 Solutions Problem 1. Given that F(x, y

If we choose f(x) = x + 5/3. How does this work? Well, h(x) is f(g(x)), and f(g(x)) is simply the function f, but you replace the x's in the equation with g(x). Let's see what that is:

Find a function f such that f (x) = 5x^3 and the line 5x + y = 0 is

Find a function f such that f' (x) = 5x 3 and the line 5x + y = 0 is tangent to the graph of f. Summary: The function f (x) is 5x 4 /4 + 15/4 when the line 5x + y = 0 is tangent to the graph of f.

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