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Specific Heat Capacity Practice Questions 1. What are the units for specific heat capacity? 2. What is the unit for energy? 3. How much energy is needed to heat up 1kg of water by 15°C?

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Heat Capacity Questions and Answers

9 Questions Show answers Question 1 300 seconds Q. What are the units for specific heat capacity? answer choices J / g °C J g / °C J g °C 1 / J g °C Question 2 300 seconds Q. A 15.75-g piece of iron absorbs 1086.75 joules of heat

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Specific Heat Worksheet

Solution: the specific heat of a substance is defined as the energy transferred $Q$ to a system divided by the mass $m$ of the system and change in its temperature $\Delta T$ and its formula is \[c\equiv \frac {Q}{m\Delta T}\] so substituting the given numerical values into the above formula, we have \begin{align*} c&=\frac {Q}{m\Delta T}\\ \\ &=\frac{2.5\times 10^{5}}{(1.57)(273+355)}\\ \\&=4485.51\quad{\rm J/kg\cdot\,^{\circ}C}\end{align*} Where ${\rm J/kg\cdot\,^{\circ}C}$ is the SI unit

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College Chemistry : Specific Heat Capacity

Questions and Answers 1. What is specific heat? A. Heat from the sun. B. The amount of heat needed to to raise the temperature at room temperature. C. The amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1kg of

Specific heat /heat capacity : Examples

Three of these questions ask you to consider areas in which specific heat capacity is important: one domestic, one transport-based and one industrial. The remaining questions are

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HEAT Practice Problems

P.S. Physics Chapter 6 Specific Heat Questions Name_____ Q = m × ∆T × C 1. In the change in thermal energy equation, what does Q represent? 2. In the change in thermal energy equation

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