Unit tangent vector calculator

Unit Tangent Vector If we let C be a smooth curve with position vector r → ( t), then the Unit Tangent Vector, denoted T → ( t), is defined to be T → ( t) = r → ′ ( t) ‖ r → ′ ( t) ‖

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Unit Tangent Vector Calculator

An online unit tangent vector calculator helps you to determine the tangent vector of the vector value function at the given points. In addition, the unit tangent calculator separately defines the
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Tangent Vector -

If we had →r ′(t) = →0 r → ′ ( t) = 0 → we would have a vector that had no magnitude and so couldn’t give us the direction of the tangent. Also, provided →r ′(t) ≠ →0 r → ′

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