Vertical stretch and compression calculator

Best of all, Vertical stretch and compression calculator is free to use, so there's no reason not to give it a try!

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Robert Espiritu

I actually understand the steps now! 10/10 would recommend, even for basic math I could write out the equations by hand, take a picture and solve it rather then try and input a long equation. Thank you so much, im learning algebra right now and this is the most useful calculator on the appstore.

John Welsh

Overall,it is a great app for students on understanding mathematics without any doubt. Complete lifesaver, only gripe is having to pay to see the steps. So, as we know math is a complicated subject.

Function Shift Calculator

Hol dir einen neuen. :P. This is what Mathepower calculated: Move the graph of by 2 in direction right : Replace every x by. Moved function: Simplify the new function: : | Apply the higher

Elastic Potential Energy Calculator

Learn about horizontal compression and stretch. Understand vertical compression and stretch. Practice examples with stretching and compressing graphs.

Hookes Law Calculator

Function Transformations: Horizontal And Vertical Translations. This video

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