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Kids Definition of equation. 1 : the act or process of equating : the state of being equated. 2 a : a statement of the equality of two mathematical expressions. b : an expression involving

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Definition, Types, Examples

In its simplest form in algebra, the definition of an equation is a mathematical statement that shows that two mathematical expressions are equal. For instance, 3x + 5 = 14 is an equation, in which 3x + 5 and 14 are two expressions separated by an ‘equal’ sign. See more

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Math is all about solving equations and finding the right answer.

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Equation Lesson for Kids: Definition & Examples

An equation is simply a number sentence that can have a variable in the place of an unknown value.
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What Is Equation in Math? Definition, Types, Examples, Facts

Linear Equation. Equations with 1 as the degree are known as linear
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