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Whats a line in geometry

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Lines, Segments, and Rays

A line in geometry is infinite, meaning both sides of the line will continue on forever. Lines are represented with an arrow on each side of the line, and this is to show that

Line Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary)

What is a Line? A line can be defined as a straight set of points that extend in opposite directions It has no ends in both directions (infinite) It

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Lines in Geometry (Definition, Types & Examples)

In geometry, a line is a straight one-dimensional figure that does not have a thickness, and it extends endlessly in both directions. Diagram A represents a line. It does not have any
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What Is a Line in Math? Definition, Types, Examples, Facts

line: infinite line : AB: line segment: line from point A to point B : ray: line that start from point A : arc: arc from point A to point B = 60° ⊥: perpendicular: perpendicular lines (90° angle)

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