Which algebraic expression is a polynomial with a degree of 2?

For option 4: It contains no fractional or negative exponent, hence it is a polynomial. Also, the highest exponent of the terms is 2, hence it is of degree 2. Therefore, s a

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The Terminology of Polynomial Expressions

1. Identify the degree. The degree of a polynomial is the largest exponent present in a term. The standard form is when a polynomial’s terms are arranged in descending order of

Introduction To Polynomials Assignment Flashcards

Since 5 is the highest degree of all of the terms in the polynomial; → the degree of the polynomial is: 5 . _____ Consider the other answer choices: _____ Choice: [A]: 3x⁵ + 8x⁴y² –

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Degree of a Polynomial (Definition, Types, and Examples)

Answer. 5.0 /5. 0. jerrya1016. Answer:2y^3+5y^2-5y. Step-by-step explanation: just answered it and got it right, I hope this helps:)))) Still stuck? Get 1-on-1 help from an expert

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