Which equation does the graph of the systems of equations solve?

The solution to this system is (x,y) = (2,-3) D. one half x − 4 = −2x + 1. >>> x/2 - 4 = y..> (2)/2 -4 = -3. >>> -2x + 1 = y > -2 (2) +1 = -3. Result that we can check in the graph

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Solving systems of linear equations

Dividing both sides by 3: y = −x 3. So, equation 1 has a slope of −1 3 and y-intercept 0. Equation 2 has a slope of −1 2 and y-intercept of 5 2. Representing the system graphically, we have: As you can see, the lines cut each other at (15

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Graphs and Solutions to Systems of Linear Equations

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What Are The 3 Types Of System Of Linear Equation? BYJUS

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System of equations

Answer:-1/3x+3 = x-1Step-by-step explanation:The solution is (3,-2)Check and see if the point solves the equation-1/3x+3 = x-1-1/3(3) +3 = 3-1-1+3 = 3-12=2 yes harshihsbaud