Linear Functions Problems with Solutions

Graphing a linear equation involves three simple steps: Firstly, we need to find the two points which satisfy the equation, y = px+q. Now plot these points in the graph or X-Y plane. Join the two points in the plane with the help of a straight

Graphing Linear Functions

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How to Solve Linear Functions

What are the steps to solving a linear equation? 1) Set the function to the desired value, changing all instances of the variable to the value. 2) Solve and simplify the problem What is the

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Linear Equations

Linear Functions Have a Slope and Intercept, Resulting in the Formula y = a x + b The formula for direct proportion is y = a x. On the other hand, the formula for a linear function is y = a x + b. To
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Functions and linear equations (Algebra 2, How

Method 1: Graphing Linear Functions in Standard Form 1 Recognize the standard form of a linear function. Linear functions are typically written in the form f (x) = ax + b. The a

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